• Image of BRONZE LOBI TOTEMIC PENDANT two-headed Snake
  • Image of BRONZE LOBI TOTEMIC PENDANT two-headed Snake

Lobi two-headed Snake Pendant made in Burkina Faso.
The use of reptiles in Lobi art and jewelry is quite prolific.
This pendant made by cast bronze process represents a totemic animal, reptile, with protection function.
The cult of ancestors and the use of totemic animals is a fundamental part of the Lobi culture.

Lobi use snakes like this tied to their calves to protect them from snake bite and lightning.
The snake is a prominent theme in the area along the Niger river and among the Dogon (see their art and imagery of masks and the rock shelter paintings and especially their doors.)
Some Dogon assert that the snakes on doors represent their ancestors because of the fact that they shed their skin each year and are thus 'reborn'. Also their curved traces in the snow and representation on doors and the long 'squiggly' lines along the sides of some Dogon masks make reference to the idea of water/river.

Pendant Size: 5,6 x 5,8 cm / 2,20 x 2,28 inches