• Image of PENDIENTES #1
  • Image of PENDIENTES #1
  • Image of PENDIENTES #1

Tradicional Fulani earrings handmade by bronce and gold 14.

These earrings are traditionally worn by the Fulani women in West Africa and are made of solid gold and worn to show one's wealth (pictured). These earrings are handmade and made from recycled bronze from old car radiators! The bronze is melted down and tapped out while being twisted.
Easily cleaned with lemon juice and soap and they shine up drying in the sun!

The Fulani people, also called Peul, are nomad people who live in west african country.
Altrove collaborates with local craftsmen of Mali, we have many sizes available of Fulani earrings, and they are completlay handmade in Mopti and are the unique pieces!
They are a earrings full of tradition, original and super slight.

See photo showing small, medium and large sizes. Silver is also available - check out our shop!

Available in retail and wholesale.

Contact us for more details!