• Image of Rework Bracelet old trade beads
  • Image of Rework Bracelet old trade beads

Rework Macrame Bracelet with old glass beads made in Murano (Venice) at the late 19th-Mid 20th Century, old bronze separators from Ivory Coast, old "Dogon Anular Rings" glass beads made in Germany in the 19th and old Bohemian glass beads.
These beads were made in Europe were imported by the thousands to Africa beginning in the late 1800s and traded or sold for various things.
Peul (or Fulani) women value the multicoloured beads manufactured in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia) in the XX century.
The Dogon people made their the Germany blue glass beads to which associate ritual function.

Some of our beads have traveled at least two continents, and have graced numerous owners. Small chips, corrosion, and pitting are a normal part of their patina attesting to their age and extensive use.