• Image of Silver Ring with Fancy trade bead
  • Image of Silver Ring with Fancy trade bead
  • Image of Silver Ring with Fancy trade bead

Silver ring hand made by Tuareg jewelers from Mali.

Much of the Tuareg peoples’ cultural and artistic identity and resourceful and inventive spirit is expressed in their jewelry, as well as leather and metal saddle decorations and swords.
However, they have become known globally for their skill in jewelry making, primarily for their silver jewelry designs.
Each piece of Tuareg silver jewelry has special meaning.
Each piece contains a message and historical symbols, which are passed down from generation to generation.

This unique ring is composed of 99.99 % pure fine silver with an old fancy glass trade bead made in Murano (Venice) at the late 19th Century.
Fancy beads or "Perle a Lume" are a beautiful, recognizable and collectable Venetian trade beads. Fancy beads and other lampworked beads are realized by making an initial, monochromous core of glass, to which a decoration is added by melting thin canes of different colours to create lines, spots, bands or "flowers" on the surface. Fancy beads were also produced in many shapes, sizes and in an infinite array of colours and patterns.

Every treasure of Altrove is unique and forever !

Ring size: 2 cm/ 0,78 inches